Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I think I posted a while back that I began exercising. Actually, I started exercising on day 1 of phase 3 of round 3. Since then, March 1st, I've only had 1 week where I have exercised less than 5 days. My usual routine is 20-30 minutes of total gym lifting with 1 mile of aerobic walking on Tues, Thurs., Sat, and 2 aerobic miles on Mon, Wed, Fri. This week I'm changing it up a bit and doing my weight routine on Mon., Wed, Fri increasing the intensity and doing 2 aerobic miles. On Tues., Thurs., and Sat I'm doing 3 aerobic miles. I'm feeling really great doing this work out and I'm noticing a lot of lean muscle forming. My upper arms are no longer flabby, they are toned nicely. My tummy and thighs are tightening up too. I'm losing fat and building muscle... I'll write more about how I'm losing fat on tomorrows post.

If you've considered adding exercise and want a workout routine that is doable I'd really encourage you to look into Leslie Sansone's Walk Aerobic DVD's. I have the Power Mile and the Weight Loss Walk. When I started I did the Power Mile one time through with weights. Within a week I increased to doing the PM two times through. I am now doing 1 mile, out of the 4, on the Weight Loss Walk on my weight lifting days along with a Power Mile and on my non lifting days I'm doing 2 miles from the Weight Loss Walk and 1 Power Mile. I love the movements on these videos, I find they challenge my body more than just walking 2-3 miles outside. The Weight Loss Walk is an older recording.. very 80's ish.. but has great moves that build leg muscles and help to tone legs, hips, & waist. You can start with 1 mile and work your way up to 4 miles, each mile gets more challenging. I think she has other work out DVD's that have 1-4 mile workouts. These are the best ones so that you can add more as you are able. However, I really like the Power mile and find that doing it over and over is a great work out. When I do it more than once I do the warm up and the mile until she reaches the cool down, which I skip until the last time I go through it.

Is there anyone else out there who is moving their body more now that they've reduced the fat through hcg? Please leave a comment and tell us what you are doing! I do moderate all comments, so it might take a day for your comment to show up.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring Cleaning

I'm so excited to have GREAT energy and the physical ability to be busy spring cleaning this year!! The past two days have been spent outside doing various things in the gardens, barn, and yard. Yesterday we were so busy that by 5 I was spent... but it felt really good to be able to do it all!

We try to spend the nice days outside in the gardens or outbuildings doing much needed chores. On rainy days we focus our energy on school and inside cleaning projects. That is usually how we spend our spring. It does mean that teen daughter has to finish her school work during the summer months but it all gets done.

We've been doing some family "spring cleaning" too. Working on attitudes and trying to make sure our hearts and willing to be cleaned up, cleaned out, and filled with what God wants in them! It seems our family is going through a lot right now... I expect it is only the beginning!! I know that the discipleship of our children will only increase as they grow into adulthood... what a HUGE responsibility.

Today while Teen Daughter & I were cleaning the barn she commented, "Daddy will think we were robbed because it is so clean up here!" Then she said, "Ya know mom... it looks a lot bigger up here now. I had the chance to tell her that when we allow a little bit of clutter every seems to add to the clutter thus making a small mess a big one, then it becomes overwhelming. That is why we have to clean up the clutter, in our homes and in our hearts so we are free, to move, go, do and be!

Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Life with teens... life with children.... life

God is so patient with us, yet so often our patience is practically non existent with the little ones He has put in our care. This has been my greatest challenge these days. I've been deeply convicted about how I interact with my children in both the good times and the bad. My personal agenda for each day so often is in conflict with the time needed to shape, mentor, and disciple these little lives. As I have been daily and sometimes... hourly asking God to help me to be loving, patient and have a teachers heart with my children I would ask that you pray for me too.

Life is so much more than weight, food, chores, and school. Where is your heart today? In tune with your children, or being frustrated because they are not staying out of the way? I hope you will consider the challenge that I am giving myself, and ask yourself: Am I loving my children the way I ought to? Am I shaping them, training them, and correcting them in love?