Tuesday, January 15, 2013

VLCD9 -- Beware of the FAT!

This morning I was reminded of what Dr. Simeons states in the Pounds & Inches manuscript about touching fat while on the VLCD. I weighed in with a GAIN! Why? Last night my littlest came to me with two huge dry skin patches on his backside that really hurt. They were red, cracking, and looked very painful. So I grabbed my coconut oil and slathered him up. I would have had him do it but we were down to the bottom of the jar and it was on the windowsill which made it cold and hard as a rock. I had to work at getting out a small chunk to use on him. I washed my hands afterwards, but knew that it might cause a gain or stall and it did. I'm not disheartened by it, because today was a GREAT day! I had no hunger but was a little empty feeling by the time we finally ate dinner at 7:00 due to our son's basketball game. It has only been a few days of taking the shots but I am really enjoying not waking up hungry and not going to bed hungry. I pray this will continue throughout the round as it makes it much easier to keep my head in the game.

Each day I come home from working as a substitute teacher I'm even more appreciative of the teachers and staff at our local school. I'm really enjoying getting to know them and the students of all ages in our community. I think subbing is the BEST!! I get to go and spend the day with the kids and come home without having to grade papers or worry about what to do the next day. This free's me up to spend my evenings doing what I need to do with the kids and in the house. I've been really busy lately working 2-3 days a week or more, which for me is alot. It is really working out well though because on the days I don't have to go into the school I get caught up on cleaning and laundry. I'm especially thankful that my first two weeks on the VLCD I've been needed a lot at school. Staying busy helps me to keep my mind off the fact that I'm eating very little. Isn't it true that when we are bored we tend to grab food??? Maybe not for some people, but I can be a stress and bordum eater. Of course, on the VLCD one cannot eat anything off protocol or it causes gains, but it takes a while for our minds and bodies to settle into a new habit, a habit that I believe is more controlled, balanced, and healthy. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. A short round of hcg is 21 days of the VLCD, and a long round 40 days, both give us time to adjust our thinking and habits so that we can make permanent changes for long term maintenance. It is a good thing!

Hope you VLCDer's out there are having a great week too!

Monday, January 14, 2013


Today is day 8, so 7 full days have past on the VLCD with a total loss of 11.8 pounds! I love the week one losses, they are so motivating. Usually I lose 11-13 pounds the first week and this week was right in that ball park so I was pleased!

This morning I did my injection in my thigh... OUCH! I will NOT be doing it in the thigh again. It stung so bad that I accidentally jerked the needle out before all the hcg was out of the syringe, ending up with a dot on my leg. I swiped it up and put it under my tongue.

I'm pleasantly surprised about how not hungry I'm feeling. I've had many rounds with hunger throughout. Not constant hunger, just periodic. Since starting the shots I've not woke up hungry, not once! I seem to have a little hunger right before dinner, usually when I'm making the mad dash to get dinner done for the family. If this continues then I'm going to save a fruit and munch on it while I'm finishing meal preparations. The achy crampy feeling I get in my legs during the protocol has begun. Usually only when I do the full set of stairs here in the house, which is around 30 from basement to upstairs. None the less, I decided to start taking potassium since I am drinking 3-4 quarts of water a day which leads to a lot of bathroom use! My clothes are still way too tight but are feeling a little better. I don't feel as puffy as I did before I started the VLCD so that in itself makes me feel lighter.

Hope you fellow VLCD'ers out there will have a GREAT week!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

I did it! VLCD6

This morning I gave myself the shot of hcg.... but I was too chicken to watch the needle to into my belly, so I got it in position then closed my eyes to shove it in and inject the hcg. I know, I'm a big whimp!! I get woozie when I watch needles come out or be used on people even on TV shows let alone myself or my kids. I got that weird feeling I get when needles are involved, which usually means I'm going to pass our or get sick, so I sat down for a couple minutes to clear my head. Hopefully this round using the shots will cure me of my needle fobia!

I did wake up this morning without feeling hungry, and have continued to have no appetite so far. Lunch was one of my favorite VLCD meals: chopped chicken (100 grams), chopped celery, and 1/2 a chopped apple all mixed together. This time I put a splash of 0 calorie, 0 carb, 0 sugar wine vinegar on it and it was yummy. In the past I've done a splash of lemon juice with a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a couple drops of stevia which really hits the spot for me but I wanted to try something different today. I decided to save 1/2 my apple for later because I'm not hungry. My "hungry" time usually hits later in the day, but maybe that will change with the Rx shots. Time will tell!

This morning I didn't weigh myself but I feel so much less puffy than I have felt over the past few weeks so I'm encouraged by that! I had my daughter take pictures yesterday with me wearing my too tight jeans and a top that is a bit snug. I'm going to wear these same clothes and take pics every 2-3 weeks so I can see the difference. Maybe I'll be brave enough to post them someday. I like viewing others before, progress, and after pictures, it keeps me motivated while on the VLCD.

Friday, January 11, 2013

First Shot

Ok, so got up this morning after a rough night, I was made aware of a situation where I opened mouth and now need to insert foot and my shame and guilt for the hurt I've caused led to a very sleepless night. So, this morning I chickened out on giving myself the shot. I had hubby do it for me... and... I couldn't even feel it. Before you think me a big chicken you have to understand that the last time I had a shot in my belly was when I had a blood clot in my leg and I had to get that anti clotting medicine, I think it is called cumadin(sp), that they inject into your stomach. Those shots left huge bruises and REALLY hurt. So this is what I was anticipating.... pain during the shot and pain afterwards. Totally not so with the hcg shots. I didn't even know my hubby had stuck the needle in me, it was over like a few seconds before I dared open my eyes and ask, "Are you done?" He laughed at me and said, "Ya!". So tomorrow I'll try to do it myself. I must say it was really nice to be able to weigh then start drinking whatever I wanted. I didn't have to wait 15 minutes before guzzling my coffee or water like I have in the past when dosing hhcg or sublingual Rx.

The scale was friendly today. It is VLCD5, so I've done 4 full days and have lost 7 pounds so far. I am wondering if since I gained most of this weight in the past 6 months if it will come off quicker than my first time doing hcg when I had been obese for 17 years. It will be interesting to see if fat falls off faster having not had the chance to really "set in". A girl can hope right!! LOL!

We are expecting to get hit with a big snow storm this afternoon, so I'm going to do a mad dash to clean the house this morning and get some laundry done. If school doesn't let out early then I will go in at noon to sub for one of the teachers. It is nice to be busy the first week of VLCD. I subbed at school Wed & Thurs and helped with concessions at last nights basketball game. These diversions have helped me to ignore the typical first week "hunger" that I experience while getting going on the VLCD.

Have a super day everyone!

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I received a comment from someone about my post:



I believe I have caused an offense that I did not intend to. It appears that in my effort to list my likes and dislikes about the house, which I believe all women have as they move into new places, I have caused unintended hurt and offense to some in the community.  This was NOT my intent!! When I spoke about the house and the work I wanted to do, it was perceived as being offensive and critical and as I re-read it through the eyes of the person who posted a comment... I could see how it could have been received in such a manner.  My desire was not to do this and I hope and pray that any offenses will be forgiven. I love this house and had a need to make it my own, that was what I wanted to express. I am deeply sorry for anyone who took offense.  I went through the post and deleted many things that could have been viewed as offensive, critical or hurtful. All I can say now is that I am very sorry and hope that the people who were offended visit my blog again, and see this apology post. 

We are so much enjoying our self here in this house, school, and community. Please those that were offended, stop by so that I can make it right. I did not intend to hurt nor offend anyone. In my opinion, there isn't room in a small community for bitter feelings to exist, so, I hope that my foolish expressions will be forgiven and that you will give me a chance. 

My deepest and most sincere appologies,

Back in the Saddle! VLCD4

This week began another round for Hubby and I. He doesn't have as much to lose as I do but we will travel this road together again. I'm too embarrassed to say how much I've gained over the past 6 months but instead will focus on making it one day at a time, one pound at a time until I see that goal weight come into view again!

Monday was my first VLCD and since I've dropped 5 pounds. I'm not sure what Phil's progress has been as it has been a busy week for us. I loaded and started this week out using hhcg from GFC Health productshttp://store-ebde3.mybigcommerce.com/plus-hcg-drops-1-2-oz-bottle/.

Today my Rx arrived from clinical hcg!


Tomorrow I will start taking the shots. I'm a little nervous about giving myself shots. If I cannot do it, stick that needle into my tummy, then Phil will give them to me.  So why am I switching to the shots you may ask??

1. I'm looking forward to not having to dose 3 times a day like I'm used to when using homeopathic. Having 1 shot a day will be nice. It will also be nice to not have to worry about whether or not I've eaten or drank or had mint or coffee around dosing times.

2. I'm hopeful that the shots will offer better and more sustained appetite suppressant.  When I'm taking hhcg I usually get hungry at mealtimes and depending on how my day goes I often experience hunger in the evenings. There are times when I just feel "empty", but sometimes I honestly feel hungry, I'm hoping to just feel "empty" on the Rx rather than hungry. I've read often of those on Rx who have a hard time eating their small meals... I'm hoping that will be me soon!

3. I wanted to try the protocol exactly as Dr. Simeons did it. He only had Rx offered by injection. He didn't use hhcg or sublingual hcg.  I want to see how my body responds to Rx given by injection. The Dr. at clinical said one reason she prefers the shots above all else is that it ALWAYS works. I have met some folks that find the homeopathic doesn't work for them. Some say all forms of hcg work.  Two years ago I used hhcg, then switched to sublingual, now... I'm going to give the Rx shots a try.

Once again I'm getting encouragement from others on the hcg2yahoo group. If you aren't part of a yahoo group and area looking for a group that is honest and encouraging check out hcg2, they are a great group of ladies. The main moderator is very good at challenging us to re-think our food philosophy by posting articles on many things related to food, diet and health. One on that group maintained GREAT over the past year but has decided to do one more round to get a little off gained over the holidays plus is hoping to get closer to the lower end of her "normal" weight. Another posted her success in losing over 100 pounds this past year... AMAZING!!  I find it inspiring to read of not only the success of others... but even their struggles. Ya... misery loves company. No really, I know I'm not the only person who has struggled with weight for YEARS and is still learning to deal with the emotional, mental, and physical challenges of making life changes with my diet.

So..... here we go again!

Friday, November 2, 2012

News from North Dakota - The search for a Church

The final post about our journey to ND these past few months includes that of finding a new church for our family to attend. I think this process has been more difficult for me than for Phil. While he and S were out here during July and August they visited a couple churches and found one that they liked. They went there on Sundays during their month long stay. When we arrived in ND as a family in September our family began attending this church.

A little background here will allow you to understand my personal struggle a little better. When we made the move to New Holstein WI a few years ago Phil found our church, First Baptist of Kiel and I was completely at peace with the choice and easily transitioned. I loved the fact that the church had many young families with a heart to disciple their own children as well as work together as a "community" to instruct each others children. It took me a couple years before I really felt like I developed a deep friendship and that was with our associate pastors wife. When we left the area in September, we spent our last night in WI with their family, as Phil was very close to Pastor S too. Not only was the fellowship sweet with so many of the families in our church, the way the church functioned was so wonderful. When we joined the church was going through a building project and I really enjoyed how the leadership and families worked together to make our church one in which we could worship, fellowship, welcome visitors, and have a space where kids could be kids. I'm afraid that all the excellent ways that our church handled things over the years made me feel so at home, that leaving there has been tough. The church people became our "family", especially since we had no family in the area. Our times at church were refreshing, encouraging, convicting, and over all a blessing. So my expectations for a new church were very much so on the high side.

That being said, I found that I enjoyed the preaching at our new church, it was biblical, pertinent, and well done. Appreciated that there were many young families, a few were members and some are considering membership. There is a wonderful Senior population just like we had at our old church (I miss you Jean & Lou Eva!), and the church has a great spirit. On several occasions I shared with Phil my "concerns" about this or that.... of which I will not expound, and after several weeks of attending Sunday services, attending a planning meeting and business meeting, spending time with the pastor and one of the trustee's we decided that this is the church that God wants us to join. The day we made this decision..... I cried. I miss my church family in Kiel so much, I found it really hard this time to just jump in with two feet to a new church. I know that my struggle is more emotional than the church isn't right. After all, there are no perfect churches because there are no perfect people! We went forward this past Sunday and made public our desire to join the church and I'm very excited about how God is directing. I know that we will be blessed by the ministries and people in this church and pray that our family will be a blessing in return.