Monday, January 14, 2013


Today is day 8, so 7 full days have past on the VLCD with a total loss of 11.8 pounds! I love the week one losses, they are so motivating. Usually I lose 11-13 pounds the first week and this week was right in that ball park so I was pleased!

This morning I did my injection in my thigh... OUCH! I will NOT be doing it in the thigh again. It stung so bad that I accidentally jerked the needle out before all the hcg was out of the syringe, ending up with a dot on my leg. I swiped it up and put it under my tongue.

I'm pleasantly surprised about how not hungry I'm feeling. I've had many rounds with hunger throughout. Not constant hunger, just periodic. Since starting the shots I've not woke up hungry, not once! I seem to have a little hunger right before dinner, usually when I'm making the mad dash to get dinner done for the family. If this continues then I'm going to save a fruit and munch on it while I'm finishing meal preparations. The achy crampy feeling I get in my legs during the protocol has begun. Usually only when I do the full set of stairs here in the house, which is around 30 from basement to upstairs. None the less, I decided to start taking potassium since I am drinking 3-4 quarts of water a day which leads to a lot of bathroom use! My clothes are still way too tight but are feeling a little better. I don't feel as puffy as I did before I started the VLCD so that in itself makes me feel lighter.

Hope you fellow VLCD'ers out there will have a GREAT week!

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