Friday, January 11, 2013

First Shot

Ok, so got up this morning after a rough night, I was made aware of a situation where I opened mouth and now need to insert foot and my shame and guilt for the hurt I've caused led to a very sleepless night. So, this morning I chickened out on giving myself the shot. I had hubby do it for me... and... I couldn't even feel it. Before you think me a big chicken you have to understand that the last time I had a shot in my belly was when I had a blood clot in my leg and I had to get that anti clotting medicine, I think it is called cumadin(sp), that they inject into your stomach. Those shots left huge bruises and REALLY hurt. So this is what I was anticipating.... pain during the shot and pain afterwards. Totally not so with the hcg shots. I didn't even know my hubby had stuck the needle in me, it was over like a few seconds before I dared open my eyes and ask, "Are you done?" He laughed at me and said, "Ya!". So tomorrow I'll try to do it myself. I must say it was really nice to be able to weigh then start drinking whatever I wanted. I didn't have to wait 15 minutes before guzzling my coffee or water like I have in the past when dosing hhcg or sublingual Rx.

The scale was friendly today. It is VLCD5, so I've done 4 full days and have lost 7 pounds so far. I am wondering if since I gained most of this weight in the past 6 months if it will come off quicker than my first time doing hcg when I had been obese for 17 years. It will be interesting to see if fat falls off faster having not had the chance to really "set in". A girl can hope right!! LOL!

We are expecting to get hit with a big snow storm this afternoon, so I'm going to do a mad dash to clean the house this morning and get some laundry done. If school doesn't let out early then I will go in at noon to sub for one of the teachers. It is nice to be busy the first week of VLCD. I subbed at school Wed & Thurs and helped with concessions at last nights basketball game. These diversions have helped me to ignore the typical first week "hunger" that I experience while getting going on the VLCD.

Have a super day everyone!

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