Thursday, January 10, 2013


I received a comment from someone about my post:

I believe I have caused an offense that I did not intend to. It appears that in my effort to list my likes and dislikes about the house, which I believe all women have as they move into new places, I have caused unintended hurt and offense to some in the community.  This was NOT my intent!! When I spoke about the house and the work I wanted to do, it was perceived as being offensive and critical and as I re-read it through the eyes of the person who posted a comment... I could see how it could have been received in such a manner.  My desire was not to do this and I hope and pray that any offenses will be forgiven. I love this house and had a need to make it my own, that was what I wanted to express. I am deeply sorry for anyone who took offense.  I went through the post and deleted many things that could have been viewed as offensive, critical or hurtful. All I can say now is that I am very sorry and hope that the people who were offended visit my blog again, and see this apology post. 

We are so much enjoying our self here in this house, school, and community. Please those that were offended, stop by so that I can make it right. I did not intend to hurt nor offend anyone. In my opinion, there isn't room in a small community for bitter feelings to exist, so, I hope that my foolish expressions will be forgiven and that you will give me a chance. 

My deepest and most sincere appologies,

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